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Fort Arawak Podcast

Hello campers and welcome to Fort Arawak! We hope you'll join us for the "Campfire" show where we recap movies you the campers vote on. Get some recommendations from the "Wesee" Show and maybe head on over to the Patreon to get some "Boner episode" content including a special horror series The Pariah Complex!

Jul 31, 2019

Hello campers! This Campfire you voted for White Zombie 1932. we get a little to loose with the names and Mike has to edit the most of any episode ever. we read your emails ,horror news and finish with the new poll.

Music :The nightmare show, by Howl of hundreds

Reanimated apparel

Jul 24, 2019

Hello campers! This week's Weesee we watch Brotherhood of the wolf. We are joined by our friends Holly and Jaylan. Do the emails, horror news and fight off sleep as Mike continues to battle with syllables and pronunciation.

Jul 18, 2019

Hello campers! Your votes sent us into Italy this week as we watch The Rite. A film that follows a priest who questions his belief and is shown some undeniable truth. We read your emails, some horror news and the latest poll is given. Pop this into your brain holes!

Jul 13, 2019

Hello Campers! This week we watched The Golem on Netflix . We review it, apologize for alot of blasphemy, than continue to go down a road leading straight to hell. Stab this into your ears!

Music by : Ire & Sentiment

Jul 4, 2019

Hello campers!

This campfire you voted for happy death day. We've both seen it multiple times before and enjoyed another run through. It's a more light hearted take on the slasher genre and has a good sense of humor along with a groundhogs day approach. We read your emails and announce the next poll. Shove this in your...