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Fort Arawak Podcast

Hello campers and welcome to Fort Arawak! We hope you'll join us for the "Campfire" show where we recap movies you the campers vote on. Get some recommendations from the "Wesee" Show and maybe head on over to the Patreon to get some "Boner episode" content including a special horror series The Pariah Complex!

Nov 9, 2019

Hello Campers! this week's poll wonder is scream. we talk the movie ,read your emails and announced the next poll.

Oct 31, 2019

Hello Campers! Happy Halloween everyone! This year we watch Trick 'r treat and talk about some good and embarrassing childhood memories of Halloween's past.

Special Halloween song " A mediocre murder" as break music .

Stop looking at me...

Oct 25, 2019

Hello Campers! This weesee is a little different we recap our visit to fantasm convention, and dark horizon spooky haunts. Instead of break music we have an interview with author Jackie Sonnenberg. Enjoy the show and check out Jackie on social medias

Facebook @Authur Jackie Sonnenberg


Oct 17, 2019

Hello Campers! This show is brought to you by gross aldies beer. We talk scanners and touch on the convention we attended, than give ya the next poll.

Sep 25, 2019

Hello Campers! This pole winner was totally organic and not in anyway effected by one particular camper... We put out the next poll and take emails, Lisa gives examples of why she's going to hell and music by a band I was in Northstar.